Services – The Nessie's

Overview and History

The name “Nessie” was given to a submarine cable trencher in 1988 when an order was received to lay a telephone line from the German mainland to Sylt, an island in the North Sea off the German coast. Nessie I was specially built for the execution of the project and spontaneously given the name Nessie when someone asked what the bales of straw on the submarine cable trencher were for and was told “That´s feed for Nessie!”

Nessie I

Year of construction: 1988
Weight: approx. 23t
max. water depth: 4m
Cutting depth: approx. 1,8m
Output:  approx. 220 HP

 – off duty –

Nessie II

Year of construction: 2008
max. water depth: approx. 14m
Cutting depth:  up to 10m

Nessie V

year of construction: 2011
max. water depth: approx. 5,8m
drum capacity: up to 400 to

combined cable laying and installation vehicle. Cable installation with plow or trenching unit.

Auxiliary Nessie

year of construction: 2009
Weight: ca.26t
max. water depth: ca. 3m
Output: ca. 156 HP